My Philosophy, How I See The World

I always had passion to learn, talk and discuss about the technologies and how it can make people life better. I have used many technologies through my career and in my personal projects. The programing languages I used includes C, C++, Quick Basic, PHP, Python, Visual Basic, Java, C#.Net, Javascript, Shell Scripts, Android Programing, React JS and React Native.

I have explored and use many other technologies and tools such as automation with Jenkins, load testing with JMeter. Deployment using containers and managing Docker docker Swarm stack.

As a Full stack developer, I wanted to write through my experience. That is why I launched this blog on my own Docker Stack and running on a Raspberry Pi from my home.

The Way I Work then the History

I am working as a full time developer primarily in Pega and find time outside my working time to explore new technologies and write blogs. I am always fashioned for my website launched my first WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) compatible website in 2003 (azmsg.com) for my university colleagues to download midi music files from Nokia mobiles. Then launched a website to connect among us named e02tamils.com in 2006 with the concept of my batchmates with features like wall and message between members etc. The website was not maintained as we all started using Facebook.

I launched thephpcode.com in 2011 it is a low code tool which allows users to generate their own dynamic web applications. Since then I have created many products such as DocuSpace which allows creating better developer documentation for products. I use it to document my products at https://docs.thephpcode.com. Also I have created another app allows anyone to launch their music streaming websites and the product is available at https://playerapp.xyz/. One of my other app is for examination platform connects teachers and students and the demo is available at https://examdemo.thephpcode.com/. Some of my other apps are not in live such as lankamatters.com for connecting property sellers and renters with users in Sri Lanka which launched in 2011 and took down after running around 10 years.

Currently working on some SaaS apps in eCommerce and in decisioning.

Final Words

Thanks for reading my blog. I am always happy to help people technically or by other means. In all the organization I worked I was established myself as the go to person for resolving technical issues. I will be happy to assist if you have any technical issues in the are I am working or I have worked previously.