Month: August 2022

Low Code PHP

Creating a CodeIgniter website using website generator

There are many website generators but most of them provided as SaaS. So you will not be able to download the generated website but the code is hosted in the provider side. So you have to keep paying monthly payment as long as you are running your website. Also the customizations are very limited as […]

Javascript React JS

React JS Tags component

I was looking for some light weight Tags component found Tagify to be interesting. But then figured out it got many features which I will not use. So I wanted to create something very minimalist. I found athe following article to follow as I wanted save time while creating this. But that article was […]

Javascript React JS

Implement form builder with React JS Drag and Drop (DnD)

I am working on a form builder which is part of my CodeIgniter 4 website builder going to be available at The current website builder uses old UI and generates website in CodeIgniter 3. While doing that I had many challenges as I was using the React DnD for the first time. Here I […]

Javascript React JS

Avoiding form fields loosing focus issues when using redux

I am working on revamping my dynamic website generator Last time when I implemented 10 years ago, I choose KnockoutJS for binding data model to the UI as there were not many options at the time. But this time planned to migrate to React JS. I still loves the KnockoutJS for its minimal library […]


Pega column populations jobs performance issue

When you have a Pega application running longer time in production you might already have a big case volume. In this time if you expose a new column to the case table and deploy to Pega the column population job triggered by the deployment could take longer time to run. This also could cause some […]

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