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Everyone feel happy when the documentation is good while using other frameworks. I wanted to have great documentation for my products and was looking for some lightweight app for creating good looking documentation. But unfortunately couldn’t find any single purpose app created for making documentation. I don’t like the idea of using WordPress for anything and customizing on top of it. That is when I created Docuspace. It is less than 5MB in size and created using modern technologies and doesn’t use any database. It uses React JS front end and PHP backend. It stores the content in JSON based files organized by Spaces. Recently I have launched my introduction to website as well.

DocuSpace is intuitive. Everything is organized in Space. So you create a dedicated space for each of your product. Below screen shows how you will create new Space.

Creating a new Space in DocuSpace

As an admin user can edit a Space or create a new Space by using the actions from the home screen.

All the Spaces are displayed in the home page.

Under the Space you can create sections.

Creating a new section

Sections are displayed under the space.

Sections and headings under the sections are automatically displayed as sidebar links makes it easier for users to navigate within the help document. Also icons can be associated with the sections using the icon picker gives more professional look to your help documents.

Reading view of Space.

You can view more about my new product at and can buy product at my store

As always I am running all of these websites from my Raspberry Pi. That is one reason I created a light weight product for making great documentation.


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