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A full stack developer learning a developing web applications since my university time for more than 20 years now and Pega Certified Lead System Architect (since 2013) with nearly 16 years experience in Pega.

Jekyll: Generate pages for each tags

As I am in the process of converting some of the WordPress based blogs to to use the static website builder Jekyll. This will allow instant response to the users without loading my self hosting servers. Also it is easier to server the blog under same domain without conditional routing of traffic between different docker […]


Automatic deployment with portainer

If you are self hosting your website and aiming for automating the deployment, this quick guide might help you. In this we are going to run the docker services inside a docker swarm cluster and will manage it using portainer. Also we use gihub webhook for automatically triggering the deployment when ever new changes are […]


Setting up Traefik load balancer on Docker Swarm

Recently I was upgrading my home servers from Raspberry Pi to a PC with high configuration (intel i7, 32GB RAM and 1TB SSD). On Raspberry Pi, I used a single node docker network, but with plenty of resources to spend I wanted to explore on multi node Docker Swarm setup. Nginx is a high performing […]

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Nginx SSL pass through

In most of the configuration we terminate the SSL at the load balancer and use http connection from load balancer to the server when it is in internal network. But in some situation we needed SSL pass through such as if the server is handling the SSL certificates. For example, in my home network, I […]

Raspberry Pi

Solving Proxmox LXC console blank issue

As I am recently upgrading my home network from simple Raspberry Pi to Proxmox based hypervisor network have got to explore many new things. This is one of the issue I couldn’t find an answer quickly so wanted to post here for anyone experiencing this. LXC containers are great way to virtualize / isolate services […]

Cloud Database

Backup and restore postgres database with docker run

Now a days it is common to use database as a service from cloud providers instead of maintaining the local postgres installation. Also there will be times you switch between providers due to some reason such as better cost or better performance. That time you may feel the need to install postgres client to back […]

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