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Setting up Traefik load balancer on Docker Swarm

Recently I was upgrading my home servers from Raspberry Pi to a PC with high configuration (intel i7, 32GB RAM and 1TB SSD). On Raspberry Pi, I used a single node docker network, but with plenty of resources to spend I wanted to explore on multi node Docker Swarm setup. Nginx is a high performing […]

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Nginx SSL pass through

In most of the configuration we terminate the SSL at the load balancer and use http connection from load balancer to the server when it is in internal network. But in some situation we needed SSL pass through such as if the server is handling the SSL certificates. For example, in my home network, I […]


Removing index.php from CodeIgniter URLs

If you have developed CodeIgniter application and want to remove the index.php file from the application generated URLs, you can follow this simple steps. As a first step you need to go to the config file and remove the index.php. If you have deployed the website to apache web server please make sure the mod_rewrite […]

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