Is Low Code and No Code really good?

Now a days every one talks about low code and no code platforms. Also we can see faster adoption to low code and no code platforms. For some clients we can see a real use case and also for some clients we see they adopt with fear of missing out when comparing with their competitors. But if you really thing about it, Low code may not be the choice for your business. In this post we will analyze and see in which use case it cannot be a good decision. We will start with small introduction who ever new to the Low code or No code concept.

What is Low Code or No Code?

If you remember not long time ago we started with assembly programing where we create apps for solving specific problem in assembly which is very close to the operating system. Then came many programing languages introduced ways to create program at higher level and will be compiled to executable by the compilers. This made programing faster and was easy to understand by many people. Then came frameworks on top of programing for making thing more easier by introducing many general purpose libraries which can be used along the way when developing applications.

Then comes the Low code or No code platforms where business developers (aka citizen developers) can develop application on top of that. With Low code platform you create app on top of an application which executes the applications created by the business developers. The advantage of the low code platform is anyone can create apps through graphical user interfaces. So anyone who understand the business and some knowledge in the platform could create an app and launch it in production immediatly.

So what is the problem?

So with this everything looks good, then what is the real problem? One of the main problem is you are working at a higher level and when the application runs it executes on top of many layers above assembly executable. It costs lot of processing powers and memory so introduce additional operation cost over the time. Also the size of the program will be many time high when compare to the equivalent build using usual programing languages.

There will be less control on how the app is going to execute when it comes to query database and make service calls, so you will not have many option to choose from to tune the app as you want it for the required performance.

When started using the Low code platform you are becoming more dependent on the platform where the migration out from the platform will be difficult since you will have many data which can only be handled by the specific platform. In tradition programing you could easily migrate the data as most of the logic and data will be separated clearly.

The system requirement for most of the low code platform is very high and they charge per nodes you cannot easily expand as your load increase. When it comes to traditional programing languages such as you own the entire code and you could deploy as many as nodes based on the production deployment.

What is the solution?

So what would be the effective solution? A solution should help business developers create the app and the same time doesn’t run as a low code app but rather generate an app on traditional programing languages. Code Generators come to rescue. Yes, code generators are good as they speed up development and the same time generate apps on traditional programing languages which can be updated anyone knows the programing languages.

There are many code generators to generate app such code generators for Java Spring boot apps and Code Generators for PHP applications.

Please let us know what do you think? We will learn from you.


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