Maintaining state with react JS Drag and Drop (DnD) and redux

I am currently working on a form builder which is part of the website builder for CodeIgniter website generator. So the requirement was to allow users to create dynamic pages by dragging and dropping elements as part of the data model and also support dragging and dropping other building block elements such as column … Read more

WooCommerce! is it good for your business?

It became so famous who ever already trying out eCommerce platforms will have definitely heard about it. But we can start with the introduction for newbies. What is WooCommerce? WooCommerce is a workpress plugin which provide eCommerce features on top of WordPress blogging platform. This has became so famous as this could be quickly installed … Read more

Is Low Code and No Code really good?

Now a days every one talks about low code and no code platforms. Also we can see faster adoption to low code and no code platforms. For some clients we can see a real use case and also for some clients we see they adopt with fear of missing out when comparing with their competitors. … Read more

What is happening Sri Lanka?

After my long vacation to Sri Lanka recently I choose to write something completely unrelated to full stack development. Sri Lanka is an island which is located south of India and called Ceylon early days and the name got change after the independent. If you never heard of Sri Lanka, and if you drink tea … Read more

Modularize Android Development

Recently I have started with some android development for my new start The project is for connecting consumers directly with nearby small businesses and farmers to make sales process more effective. The project is using Java Spring boot backend and native android development. Choose Digital Ocean as cost effective cloud solutions for deploying them … Read more