Creating a CodeIgniter website using website generator

There are many website generators but most of them provided as SaaS. So you will not be able to download the generated website but the code is hosted in the provider side. So you have to keep paying monthly payment as long as you are running your website. Also the customizations are very limited as the only customizations possible are the ones provided by their website editors. Shopify and WiXX are examples in this category.

There are also other solutions to build websites or APIs but the customizations are possible through plugin and you will have to learn their app specific requirement before you customize it for your needs. Strapi is in an example in this category.

Then there comes application frameworks which provide a platform for building applications faster. It is faster to build application when you build web applications with frameworks but when you start building many websites you will feel like you are repeating many things in each project. This post is about a CodeIgniter website builder by which provides a way to generate applications faster in CodeIgniter framework.


The code generator support CRUD+ applications building with roles based access control. Also social login by Google and Facebook is supported by the generated website. Comes with a basic admin dashboard to manage user roles and permissions.

Notification options allows to set notifications based on actions. Actions can be secured by permissions. Permissions are allowed by user roles.

The generated code can be downloaded and edited for further customization. Also the demo of generated website is possible without downloading the website. So users can explore the entire website generation feature without spending money on it.

Many fields types are support such as dynamic dropdown allows to link other modules are dropdown select option for a module. For example a blog module can have a field called category and it can refer category module for the dropdown options.

Defining fields in PHP Code Generator

Validations for the fields make it easy to choose appropriate validation for the fields and also support regex pattern if none of the predefined validations are not suitable.


The website generator by comes with module concept where a module is mapped to a controller in CodeIgniter and to a database table. So the fields defined in the module are columns in the mapped table. Actions in the modules are route functions in the controller.

Also the PCG Academy explains the concepts in detail at


It comes with credit based system where user buys credits and use it when downloading the generated website. Also the pricing is way cheaper and one time. It cost only $5 for generating a single website and cost only $3 /website if you generate multiple websites.


The CodeIgniter website generator by is very affordable and as this generates clean CodeIgnier website anyone with little bit of CodeIgniter framework knowledge can fast track their next website development project.

Let me know the questions in comments and I will update this post based on your questions/comments.


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